Technical specifications

Mother of pearl is totally natural and therefore completely untreated. For this reason it need some attention. In the following article we list some aspects and advices to lay and clean our mosaics and keep as beautiful as when you bought them.


Lay the mosaics using any acrylic based adhesive for wall tiles or epoxy glue and non-abrasive grout While removing the excess grout pay attention not to scratch the surface by rubbing too hardly While cleaning use only clean water and non-abrasive liquid detergents Cut the mosaics using a wet high speed diamond blade


For the daily cleaning it is sufficient to wipe the surface gently with a damp and soft cloth The surface of the mosaics and inlayed objects can be ruined and stained or simply become dull in contact with acid cleaners and acid substances (such as vinegar, wine, coke, lemon juice).
Do not clean with abrasive or acid degreasers and soaps. Use only neutral products


The shine of the mother of pearl may fade away if exposed to direct sun light and its surface may get scratched in heavily used and trampled areas.
It is possible to give new shine to the mosaics and repair the scratches applying a polyurethane based topcoat.
Mother of pearl is not recommended in swimming pools with a high percentage of chloride in the water